Professor Twist is your very own balloon sculptor. Based in Surrey and available throughout, and beyond, for all manner of occasions. From childrens parties to large corporate functions, Professor Twist is ready to make your event bigger and better!


Almost every child loves a balloon and one that's twisted and sculpted into a special shape just for them is very special indeed.

It's not just for the children though; adults are always intrigued and fascinated watching the Professor in action. Let's be honest, there's a child lurking inside all of us just waiting for the opportunity to escape. Having a balloon model is just the excuse needed.

Balloons are for all occasions and give a memorable experience, whether it's a private party or a corporate event. Animals, toys, hats, flowers and many more are available; small and large sculptures depending on your requirements. They're bright, fun, and eye catching!

Add that extra special sparkle to your event, call in Professor Twist!

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